Get Online, Get Offline!



I know, it’s hard to pull yourself away from technology. Our phones allow us to have access to information and be contacted 24 hours a day. We sometimes live online and forget to live offline. We are so busy liking things instead of living and experiencing things. So, if you are ready to experience Pinterest  projects, visit that place you liked on Instagram, experience that YouTube video, have new experiences, and meet new people along the way look no further.  I found the perfect union  of getting online to get offline,  its a website called meetup and its  purpose is to get you online to get you offline.

 I’ve been a member since 2008 and have had some great experiences. No worries, I will be sharing my experiences on my blog and other social media sites. They have anything you can possibly think of to do and its tailored to your area. You want to travel, craft, make new friends, or learn a langage, they  got you. Let’s get online at http://www.meetup.com to get offline and create our own Instagram moments. 




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