4th of July, Pinterest Style


I consider myself a Master Pinner and believe I can do everything pinned  on my board.  I will never have a Pintetest fail story, never, ever, well not this month at least. Now in reality, my creativity is there my execution, time, and skills may be on the novice side. This Independence day, I was invited to a girls night in Bunco party, thus I promised myself no more store bought items straight from the container. My domestic goddess will be unleashed with the time I have. No excuses, work, or health issues will stop me from releasing my domestic goddess.

I decided to look on Pinterest  for ideas , that are healthy and don’t require hours or cooking in the Texas heat. My contribution is going to be a fruit platter. I’m going to order the star cutters from Amazon and pick up skewers from Walmart. The skewers, thinking of making something like an edible arrangement.

My creativity is just getting started, with more holidays and social gatherings coming, my boards will runneth over. I can’t wait to see what I take from a pin to a pinterpiece. 



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