You may know an askhole or be one yourself, seeking advice for the same question yet, ignoring all suggestions or advice. This post isn’t to change your mind as you wouldn’t take advice anyway. I’m not perfect and Lord knows mistakes are made by me on a daily basis. However, I will not keep seeking advice repeatedly, yet never take that advice. The way I’m built in good conscience, won’t allow me to tell you contrary to my beliefs and opinions based on what you have told me. I won’t lie to you to make you feel better, as I would want you to tell me the truth. Especially, if it’s the same problem on a daily basis  I’m not saying, all my advice is great but it comes from a place of care and concern.

It is emotionally draining to hear  about a person going through a preventable problem. We are supposed to bear one another’s burdens, but is it really a burden or choice? I began to feel down listening to an askhole’s problems all the time. How do you handle the stress of an askhole?

If you are an askholes please, don’t be so defensive when you don’t like an answer or disregard that person’s advice because they aren’t in that situation. Sometimes, it’s because we aren’t in that situation we can think rational, void of irrational emotirepeatedlyver, askholes you won’t take my advice, because that’s what you do ask and ignore. 😞


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