I Need an InTEAvention


Okay, okay, I know thats not how you spell intervention, but I still need help!  I’m the cat lady, no, Little Mermaid for tea. In my best Ariel voice, I’ve got green, black, red, flavored, and unflavored galore, but who cares no big deal, I want more!

I want tea and more tea multiple times a day. Green, Oolong,  and Matcha tea, you name it, probably tried it or its on my list. My day gets started with tea a cup of tea and usually ends with a relaxing tea. No expense is spared for my habit. Teavana once got me for $80, but it was worth every sip. I’d do it again, gladly.

You may be a cappuccino drinker and distest tea, I promise tea can be spruced up to add great flavor. I drink my tea plain or I mix it with almond milk.  My latest creation is a salted caramel chai tea latte of sorts. It is truly scrumptious and only has 3 ingredients. Also, it is calorie and carb friendly, but made with Splenda. I have listed my recipe below, please try it out and let me know what you think.

My search for great tea isn’t over.  I’ve can’t wait for fall and winter to try more seasonal teas, that make me feel like 🎃 pumpkin picking or Christmas morning🎄.  Tea has so many beneficial properties besides comfort. If you won’t take my word for it as, I’m no medical doctor,  click  on the link below to justify my tea obsession, I mean benefits of drinking tea. Happy sipping.


Caramel Chai Latte Recipe

4 ounces of  sugar-free Oregan Chai Latte concentrate

4 ounces of unsweetened  vanilla almond cashew milk

1  teabag of Bigelow salted caramel tea



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