Declaration of ….




Hey All,

It’s officially July, yay!  June was a bittersweet month, one that I’m glad is over. It was filled with surgical procedures, doctor appointments, moving, job changes, and life in general events. I know we all have those times, we don’t know how we made it through, but we did.

As I am recouperating from my second procedure, the fourth of July is coming up soon. My mind begins to reflect and  think about what am I declaring my independence from? What am I going to do to form my more harmonious life? What do I need to declare my independence from? What goals do I need to declare for myself? 

You don’t need to make changes only on  New Years.  Independence day is another great time to reflect on your goals, cut off bad relationships, or habits. You should take time to review your plans and determine if you’re own target. 

 Let freedom ring and your light sparkle. Together, lets declare our independence from…

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