Happy July


Happy July, everyone! It’s that special time of the year, perfect for barbecues, vacations, fireworks, and Christmas in July. That magical month that signals summer vacation is drawing to an end. You may not see the significance in July, but it’s another month of possibilities.

I get excited to see the month of July because it signals freedom, family, and independence.  Every year, we have a dinner in honor of my grandma around the fourth of July. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go this year. However,  I still had the opportunity to do my third review of my annual goals.

Almost three years ago, I went from a we to and I. The divorce was a blessing in disguise.  Sometimes, you detour away from your path and take the wrong path. No worries, it never too late to get back on track, life happens.

I had to face myself and begin again, but this time as me. Who was I? What did I want? I remembering sitting on the floor of my new apartment, thinking who will I be as an individual?

I  had to come up with a plan for myself. So, I made my own declaration of independence, July 2013 . For the first time in a long time, I set out to further my goals and aspirations. So every July, I review, revise, and edit my plans.

As I drink my chamomile tea , mixed with mint, I’m typing this blog and thinking… What do I add, edit, or take off my list?  I once again, must face myself and it isn’t always easy. However, it must be done and I look forward to it. So, you see, this is why July makes me happy. July is a month of strength, courage, and independence for me.  I welcome you in joining me so, let’s go hard for our dreams. So, hello July! ( Done in my 70’s show voice.)

The following tips have helped me go for my plans thus far. I’d love to hear comments from others on how they achieve their goals.


Have or make a vision board

Use Pinterest to store ideas


Sticky Notes

Learn from others

Read and Research (books and the net)

Spend time reviewing goals

Set action steps

Lastly, just go for it!





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