Happy Wednesday


Now watch me whip. watch me Wednesday. Happy Wednesday or Hump Day!  The middle of the week has arrived and if you are reading this you are blessed to be alive. I will be goal setting all month long in the areas of health, wealth, and my bucket list. The categories are broad but it allows me to focus on only three areas that are essential to living for me.

Health for me encompasses my mind, body, and spirit.  I ask myself how am I feeding these areas, within my control. You don’t choose to be diagnosed with a disease or illness, believe me I know. However, you can alter your mindset and lifestyle daily, to manage certain aspects of your illness.  

 My spirit is definitely an area that needs daily renewal, spending time with God first thing in the morning is vital. We truly never know what the day will bring. I have been guilty of slacking and need to get back on track. My mind needs to be fed daily with nourishment. The daily pressures of life can be very hard to endure. The morning works best for me, I’m relaxed, rejuvenated, and can do my best thinking. The daily hassle, requirements, and unforeseen commitments haven’t crept up yet.

My day begins at 4:00 am, productivity is at its greatest while the world is still sleeping. I usually have devotion, tea, and make it to the gym by 4:30.  The early bird gets time for themselves.  The best thing you can do is carve out at least ten minutes for yourself daily.


Your mind and body can be a wasteland or a temple. You only have one so treat them both well. Also, don’t allow anyone to mistreat your mind or body.  The effects can be detrimental and cause irreversible harm. You are loved and so am I. We should do things that feed our body and mind with healthy nourishment.  Exercising, eating healthier, and changing toxic situations.

I am choosing to feed mine with nourishment that helps me grow and better myself. Reading the bible, books, and blogs are proving helpful. Yes, I still read books. Currently, I am reading books on copyrighting, trademarks, and business. Readers are leaders and reading gossip sites though entertaining, won’t help me reach my goals. 

The simple things, life is meant to be lived. My bucket list contains things obtainable now and in the future. I will be going ziplining in September and I can’t wait!  I don’t spend much time in this area yet, as the other areas take precedent.

My plan is to use my passions to build my wealth and make a difference. I have to work on my business plan, which his quite scary to think about. I need to map out the details and lay the foundation. Adulting at its scariest moment, but a necessary aspect of life..

  I am using this Wednesday as a review of my weekly progress and plan for next week.  I am making my grocery list for my meal prep Sunday and looking at what I need to accomplish. I was blessed to find these planners at Home Goods, it has a section for monthly goals. I need to physically write things down on paper, something tangible to touch. I am trying hard to retrain my brain as yuck Wednesday and yay Wednesday. So, happy Wednesday, let’s make big plans! 📒

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