Vanilla Coconut by Tea of Life


I was roaming around my local Home Goods store  yesterday, looking for items for my home office and bedroom area. When, I remembered that fellow blogger Pinkiebag finds tea at TJMaxx. My legs made their way over and they have a variety of tea and intriguing snacks.

I settled on the vanilla coconut by Tea of Life. The aroma is a little different,  it has a faint hint of coconut. I wasn’t too keen on the smell but luckily, the taste was much better. Since it is a black tea it was darker in color. The tea was smooth and wasn’t drying to drink. 

They did a great job with the taste. The coconut flavor was more prevalent than vanilla. Also, it went well with the vanilla shortbread biscotti that came in my Love With Food box.  A great dessert or cooler weather tea. This tea flavor is definitely one to consider.

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