Investing In Myself, Invest in Yourself!



I believe in working smarter and hard. Yes, I know the saying is work smarter not harder. However, you have to put in hard work to achieve your goals. My goal has always been to turn my passion and hobbies into a business.  I love my 9-5, but politics, loss of revenue, and, other changes can have you unemployed faster than you can imagine. The economy isn’t like my parents economy, working at the same job for 20 plus year is virtually unheard of. I believe it is essential not only to have an emergency fund but a steady stream of income outside of your 9-5. Who doesn’t want to do what they love and love what they do?

I consider myself creative and have many gifts that others enjoy, so why not get paid for what I already enjoy doing. I am dating myself but, oh well. Any who, I grew up with dial up internet, flip phones, and the mindset you go to college and get a good job. The spirit of entrepreneurial wasn’t really presented as an ideal.  My brain had to be retrained and shifted towards using technology as a business tool. Looking  at my future, I want to spend time doing what I love and helping more people.

It’s easier said than done to start towards your goals. My brother kept telling me you need a business plan and that alone sent me running towards the hills. My mind would fill with doubt or I’d allow life to get in the way and another year went by and I’d fail to launch. This year, I am investing in myself with my free time and going after my dreams.  I might fail multiple times, but I will learn until I become a success. Indifference and failure to act is still failure. My new mentality  is to embrace learning from others on how they had success and launched their business. I am learning and going through the process of pressing on when I’m tired and rather rest.

By nature, I am a planner with a mind that runs various scenarios and outcomes. I knew I would need to start on the road already paved to save myself time and grief. In reality,  it takes an investment of time and money for any personal or professional goal.  Even an online business requires a reliable computer and possibly a website. You want to loose weight, you need to find  time to exercise and meal prep. Most things will require time and money.  So, I decided to forgo that pair of shoes, trip to the movies, and that spur of the moment buy and invest in myself.

This year has been a difficult year with health expenses, that insurance wouldn’t cover!  Still, I’ve decided to invest in starting and growing my businesses.  I have joined meet-ups that aren’t just social to learn from other’s successes and failures. Today I am attending a class on inventory planning and tomorrow on 10 tips to selling like a pro from people who are successfully doing it.  My goal is to learn from others and don’t repeat unnecessary mistakes. I know what I wantand just need to learn how to get there sooner and safer.

My desire has me carrying around a notebook and using my phone to jot down my ideas. Creativity has no sense of time it can strike at any moment. I made the notebook below to keep my ideas on the go in one place.


I am investing in myself for the first time and it’s time for you to do the same. I had even enrolled in college for the fall but, I decided not to spend thousands of dollars on another degree that didn’t align to my personal business goals. I am going to use that time and money to invest in myself.  Maybe one day I’ll go back for that certification, but until than I will be spending that time and money on my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Yes, you may have health, financial, or personal issues.  These won’t go away, something will aways come up and there is no time like the present. Ideas and planning , naming your business, attending classes, and watching YouTube are all free. Start investing in yourself now, no matter if investing in yourself is getting a massage or learning to sew, do it now. Don’t let fear, uncertainty, finances, or any other  problem hinder your plans. Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself.


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