Sunday and the Triple R’s

Morning, evening and afternoon depending on where you are in the world. I hope you are having a peaceful day or night. Sundays are usually my days for church, meal prep, and doing next to nothing, I must confess.  I border on near lazy,  engaging in mindless task, preparing for work on Monday, and engaging in the triple r’s.   I am taking the triple r’s very seriously today, relaxing, refocusing, and regrouping.

Previously, I blogged about investing in myself and signing up for classes to launch my hobby into a business.   Unfortunately, one of my classes meets today and it is almost an hour away. Yes, I know this is a laughable first world problem, but I have spent my sundays either going to church, cooking, and doing next to nothing. We all know habits are easy to make and hard to break, it really is a struggle for me to commit to going to a brunch and learn on a Sunday.

I can think of a million excuses why I shouldn’t go and two valid reasons for staying home. The mind is a constant battlefield, made up of scenarios that may or may not happen. The mind convinces us to put off today what we can do tomorrow. Yet, tomorrow arrives and we don’t get to it still.  I started reading The Mind is a Battlefield by Joyce Meyers. This book has given me a great perspective on the mind. The mind is very powerful, don’t buy into excuses and negative thinking.



Remember,  we can find a million reasons to delay our dreams, passions, and plans.  However, I challenge you to find at least one reason why you should.  I will give you one reason now, you are worth it. You are more than your past and present situation. Don’t let fear, laziness, opinions of others , or life get in the way of your dreams.




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