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Review of Biodynamic Turmeric Cinnamon by The Republic of Tea


Who doesn’t want to lose weight and get in their antioxidants.,

I am always looking  for ways to incorporate  healthy  properties in my tea time. Drinking  tea  is not only comforting for me, but a way to sneak in antioxidants. One of my favorite  tea brands, The Republic of Tea created the turmeric and cinnamon tea . They carry a variety of teas usually under $15. I would recommend giving them a try for your tea needs.

Everyone can  relate to wanting  a faster metabolism. I stumbled  up on this gem, buying my favorite  mint chocolate tea. Cinnamon and turmeric  are thought to have health  benefits. Turmeric is  used in Chinese and Indian medicine  to treat, toothaches, menstrual  problems, and it acts  as an anti-inflammatory. Cinnamon may  lower  blood pressure, reduce heart  disease, and aid in weight loss. I decided to give it a try and didn’t know what biodynamics really  was. You’re thinking biodynamic, say what?

Basically, biodynamics extends beyond organic farming  by incorporating a holistic or spiritual  aspect. The biodynamic model can depend  on the cycles  of the moon and homeopathic prep methods. I’m  no expert, this is a fairly new concept. So, I ordered  the tea and here are my thoughts.

  • Caffeine level: naturally caffeine free
  • Ingredients:100% Biodynamic cinnamon and turmeric.
  • Taste: slightly spicy with a cinnamon and turmeric flavor, but not overpowering.
  • Color: reddish in nature
  • Feel: smooth and doesn’t dry out my mouth.
  • Best uses: weight loss, eating Indian and Chinese meals, allergy, sinus, and cold season


  • IMG_2042

I did notice I felt warmer than usual through out my body while drinking this tea. Overall, I would buy again and I give it a 🍵🍵🍵 out of 5.

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