Happy Wednesday

Now watch me whip. watch me Wednesday. Happy Wednesday or Hump Day!  The middle of the week has arrived and if you are reading this you are blessed to be alive. I will be goal setting all month long in the areas of health, wealth, and my bucket list. The categories are broad but it [...]


Subscription Boxes

 Subscription boxes are all the rage, from Ipsy , Birchbox, and  Love With Food, just to name a few . There are tons of subscription box services tailored to your taste . There are boxes for beauty, fitness, food, and home items. You subscribe and samples or full-sized products are delivered right to your door Boxes invoke [...]

Hate Begets Hate

  I woke up today and couldn't believe the news. I live in the Dallas area, and this is surreal. I'm really at a loss for words. Violence will only create more violence.   The bible says a house divided can't stand, a nation divided won't stand either. We have got to produce change the [...]

Happy July

Happy July, everyone! It's that special time of the year, perfect for barbecues, vacations, fireworks, and Christmas in July. That magical month that signals summer vacation is drawing to an end. You may not see the significance in July, but it's another month of possibilities. I get excited to see the month of July because [...]