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Review of Arctic Zero’s Brownie Blast

I’m still not used to the Texas heat it’s over 100° degrees in Dallas today not including the heat index.  Over my lunch break, I made a trip to Wal-Mart and found this new flavor of Arctic Zero.  My favorite  flavor was mint chocolate, but now it’s brownie blast!

The flavor was awesome and the brownie bites gave it a nice brownie feel. You have to remember this is made from whey protein if you are an ice cream connoisseur, just try it anyways. My sister calls this blashempy and not real ice cream. However, I really did enjoy the flavor of brownie blast. The consistency is not as creamy as regular ice cream. You have to let is sit out or nuke it for about 30 seconds according to the directions. My ice cream softened up  on the drive back because of the heat.

I found a healthier summer treatReviews, yay me! Artic Blast needs to continue carrying this flavor because I love brownie ice cream.


Cost: $4.98 basically 5 bucks

Nutrition facts:

This beats a pint of Ben & Jerry’s  anytime the whole container is 300 calories per pint.

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