My Mind Is Telling Me Yes,But…

My mind is telling me yes, but my body is telling me nope! Have you ever been mentally ready and physically unable to do something ? Only to discover…


You aren’t a gladiator and this isn’t Spartacus. I did recently, but I really shouldn’t have. I’ve been told I don’t understand the meaning of a light workout. My first week back to the gym was last week. Yay me, I was super excited and I lifted my definition of light weights even having more rest days. The 45’s stayed on the rack and I squatted with 10’s. 

Well, I was moving my office at work too and lifting boxes. Surprise, Surprise, when my leg that I had a procedure on started giving me pain.  It cramped badly when I walked and my back was aching. Saturday rendered me useless and on bed rest. Sunday was pretty much the same.

My hard head left me unable to fully meal prep on Sunday. Mom you were right! I had to rely on the oven, previously frozen foods, and easy to grab items.  All because my mind said go the gym, but my body really wasn’t ready. I’m going to have to take another week or so off. crying-slide

My meal prep Sunday wasn’t all that preppy. My failure to prep had me eating a veggie burger and fries from the Twisted Root. The bad lunch choice was all because I couldn’t prep adequately. My goal is to come up with a menu when I’m ill. Something easy and healthy for colds and when I’m sick. That is an area of difficulty for me and always have been. My meal plan looks a little twisted this week, more like whatever I can find. Food I’ve previously cooked is going to be my  life-saver this week.  I’m going to have to find a healthy Crockpot to finish the week strong. The choices I have are pretty limited this week.

Meal options:

  • Dole blueberry pomegranate salad with chicken.
  • Trader Joe’s Southwestern salad & chicken lime burgers.
  • Almonds & blueberries
  • Protein Oatmeal
  • Breakfast egg pizza
  • Broccoli
  • Protein Shake


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