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Goodbye, Sweet Apple Chamomile Tea!

Say it isn’t so, I was online looking for my fall staple  Sweet  Apple  Chamomile  from  Celestial Seasoning.  And…

They discontinued it, no more sweet apple like ever!  I’m almost out and have to make every sip count. In an ode to a favorite, I will review what I loved about it. Chamomile tea can sometimes have an unpleasant taste, add in flavor and it can take on a weird artificial flavor.


However, the taste of this tea was amazing. Imagine no aftertaste, the right amount of sweetness, and just the right amount ingredients to help relax you. I would even drink 1 tea bag in the morning for comfort. The cool weather in Illinois and the leaves changing colors made it an essential. Celestial Seasonings must have thought you live in Texas now, no more leaves changing, You don’t need  this tea anymore, but I do.

I really enjoy sweet apples like Gala and this tea reminded me of a real apple. This tea will really be missed, goodbye Sweet Apple Chamomile and thank you for keeping me warm on cool fall days.

  • Price: $3.49
  • Herbal tea caffeine free
  • Ingredients: Chamomile, natural apple flavor with other natural flavors








6 thoughts on “Goodbye, Sweet Apple Chamomile Tea!”

  1. That is sad news for you. I haven’t really developed a taste for Chamomile teas although periodically I do try them. I’m sure you will find something soon to satisfy your need. Good luck.


  2. Laina, just a little point about your lovely blog page. At the top by your heading photo you have a little saying. If you are talking about ‘leaving the seashore’, it should be spelt ‘shore’ not, sure. i.e. “You have one life, leave the shore”. I hope that helps, I am not meaning to criticise. Barbara


    1. I appreciate it, it’s a metaphor for leaving the unknown behind the sure. I might just change the pic so people won’t think shore and beach. Please anytime you see something let me know.


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