Manic Meal Prep Sunday


I think this is my most manic meal prep to date. Yesterday, I went on my grocery haul and cracked my phone screen right in the produce section of Kroger. I wasn’t in the cookie aisle,  so God why?  I have dropped my phone numerous times before, but I guess this was the drop that broke the screen. My poor phone, I’ve had that phone for a very long time. However,  looking at the positive side of this I managed to score some awesome mark down deals.  The money saved went towards the astronomical price o a new Samsung.

So, I ordered a new phone online and had to stop meal prepping to pick it up today. Unfortunately, I thought a 1 hour max trip turned into a 2 hour and 15 minute trip of waiting and waiting. Finally, I am back home tired and I forgot to pick up more watermelon. Why more? As I do every Sunday,  I gathered my food together only to discover my watermelon was missing!

 I called my nephew and he said he had eaten it yesterday. My heart was set on making a watermelon cake. So, Cool Whip, strawberries, and blueberries  will have to do. I ‘m mentally exhausted from being at the Sprint for hours.  The grocery store will be packed with people looking for  last minute hot dogs, burgers, and baked beans for Labor Day. Honestly,  I just don’t feel like the hassle. However, I had a fantastic lunch and dinner. My salad and nachos were muy bueno.


Lunch: Naked black bean burger and a side salad.
Dinner: Nachos and cookies & cream pudding



I have some quick and easy snacks planned for the week in addition to boiled eggs and protein shakes. Being busy like everyone else,  I need something quick because I was going almost 5 hours without eating a mini meal. This week I planned for easy access foods. These 4 ounce cups are perfect for eating the fruit without a spoon or mixing it with my cottage cheese.

Variety of quick snacks
Fruit & Cookies & cream pudding

My main meals this week are going to be very colorful and easy. I even bought festive blue corn tortillas for my nachos. This is my last manic meal prep. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, relax your mind and enjoy your family.

Main Meals

  • broccolli & cauliflower, chicken meatballs, &  butternut squash
  • Nachos with turkey
  • Grilled Chicken & salad  (not pictured)
  • Veggie egg Frittata
  •  Tuna Salad
  • Protein shake with ground chia & flax seeds
  • scrambled egg whites & bacon


butternut squash, chicken meatballs, broccoli & cauliflower




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