Quick Healthy Bites

I wanted to share a few healthy options to keep your hunger at bay if you don’t have time to eat a mini-meal of lets say chicken and steamed brocolli while at work or on the go. You may need some quick food to eat because you didn’t have time to meal prep all you needed to and still want to eat healthy. 

  Most of us probably don’t have access to a microwave easily or time to go get our food out of the refrigerator to even microwave it.

I have acces to a microwave and refrigerator, but not the time to sit and eat it.  My day is nonstop until about 12:30. I would love to be able to eat a mini-meal, but it just won’t happen. I am working on scheduling that in my day even if it’s 5 minutes, it’s just not possible  as of yet.  

Last year,  I found these at Wal-Mart they have been a lifesaver. My favorite  has the Sriracha cheese, but they were out at the store. They go great with boiled eggs and they aren’t bad  nutritionally either. They run about a $1.50 each at Wal-Mart. 

Also, I got these blueberries there too and they are already portioned for you. They are great for snacking on or adding to oatmeal for only 20 calories. These run about $2.50 and I eat these frequently. 

 I’d like to share one more of my go to products and this one is a recent find at Sam’s Club. Premier  Protein shake in banana is really good and way cheaper than Oh Yeah, plus it has 30 grams of protein. 

Don’t let your job interfere with you eating healthy. Stayed tuned, in another post I will be showing more quick snacks and how to make your own quick grab bites.

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