Protein Pumpkin and Banana Bread

I have never been much of a baker. Baking has never been a talent or strong suit of mine. I've learned to accept that as my fate. My vision of baking Halloween and Christmas cookies from Taste of Home or Wilton just hasn't happened after all these years. I get it universe I'm not Martha [...]


Flatbread Pizza 

I've been craving processed carbs, specifically pizza. I think because I've been seeing others eat a lot of pizza lately. I really wanted to have some, sigh! However, I don't want the crash or the calories.  The next best thing was to make a  healthier version. On my grocery haul, I bought flatbread to make [...]


I'm loving butternut squash right now. It's like Goldfishes, I could eat it everyday.  Especially when the work is done for me.  I  was strolling through Super Target and stumbled on butternut squash spirals. I  made them into breakfast hashbrowns with cinnamon and maple syrup and it turned out pretty good with my eggs and [...]