Low-Carb French Toast 

Every once in a while I get craving for french toast and I had to give in. My meal prep this week I made 2 servings of low calorie and carb french toast.  Summer has officially ended  so I made them shaped like pumpkins. Yay me!

French Toast and Eggs

I used Nature’s Own honey wheat 45 calorie bread, egg whites, and cinnamon and it turned out really good. Sugar- free syrup measured out from Ms. Butterworth completed the French toast. Also, I had veggie sausage and more butternut squash hashbrowns to complete my breakfast. 

This breakfast paired with cinnamon tea  was a great morning treat. Cinnamon always make me think I’m eating something sweet even if I’m not. French toast is quick and easy to make. You can even add a little protein powder to the egg whites and dip your bread in for a little more protein. I’ve used vanilla before and it turned out great.  This weekend make french toast , drink tea and relax. 

Happy  Fall,

Laina Larisse 

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