Flatbread Pizza 

I’ve been craving processed carbs, specifically pizza. I think because I’ve been seeing others eat a lot of pizza lately. I really wanted to have some, sigh! However, I don’t want the crash or the calories. 

The next best thing was to make a  healthier version. On my grocery haul, I bought flatbread to make my own pizza. I made them out of Flat Out light flatbread, leftover chicken, veggies,  and a little too much cheese. This pizza is great to make if you have leftover meat and veggies that you don’t want to go to waste.  It was really a quick and yummy treat after a make-up leg day. I rather enjoyed lunch today. 

I  normally try to make pizza crust out of cauliflower, but ain’t nobody  got time for that when you’re hungry. I’ll take the other one for lunch tomorrow and my pizza  craving has been tamed  for a while.  On Friday, if you have leftover  chicken and veggies make a pizza. 

2 thoughts on “Flatbread Pizza ”

  1. So hard when the barb cravings bite. I like your pizza idea, and would make a meatless version. Did this satisfy your craving?


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