Protein Pumpkin and Banana Bread

I have never been much of a baker. Baking has never been a talent or strong suit of mine. I’ve learned to accept that as my fate. My vision of baking Halloween and Christmas cookies from Taste of Home or Wilton just hasn’t happened after all these years. I get it universe I’m not Martha Stewart.

I won’t be in charge of desserts or oven casseroles for holidays or gatherings . I just don’t have the baking gene. No Christmas cookie exchange for me. I don’t even rsvp to go though I’d love to but you can’t buy store bought cookies.  I’m envious of people who bake cookies and cakes from scratch.  

  My problem with baking is you have to be precise and remember it’s in the oven.  I think it’s a labour of love and takes skill and patience. As you can see,  I forget my banana bread was in the oven as you can see it was dark but yummy!

Not a brownie🙈 well done protein banana bread

 I went to the grocery store and my senses were overloaded  with cookies, cakes, and pies scents. Grocery shopping at Halloween is like navigating  through junk landmines, candy at the end of every aisle.  I really wanted to buy pumpkin bread but decided it wasn’t worth it.  So, I was meal prepping and was hit by the baking bug and decided to make pumpkin and banana bread.  The banana bread turned out dark because I didn’t watch it. However, they both turned out delicious.   

I got the recipes off of Nicole Wilkins  website . She has great tips and exercise  videos on her site too. I really have learned a lot from her website and she has won Ms. Olympia I believe six times.

Protein pumpkin bread


I’m going to eat these for breakfast and snack on leg days.Each recipe makes four servings and they taste pretty good to be protein bread. I’ll  be checking other sites for recipes so please post some protein pumpkin recipes. The baking fever isn’t gone yet. 

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