Du Chocolat 

It’s the start of the most wonderful time of the year. Not Christmas,  but cold season and less sunlight. The time we leave for work in the dark and get home at dark.We set our clocks back a hour  this weekend, I could have sworn daylight savings used to be in October before . However, I tend to get sick in December and March and I don’t know why.  I want to be ready this year to prevent sodium and sugar overload.

I don’t always get to meal prep when illness beckons and I drink my calories and consume too much sodium and sugar. So, I am always looking for foods and liquids to consume when I’m under the weather that aren’t loaded with sugar and sodium. My go to has been  chicken soup, orange juice, and Swiss Miss light hot chocolate. Luckily, I was  on someone’s blog and saw this hot chocolate made with Stevia. I  can’t remember which blog but thank you! Du Chocolat is amazing and made with Stevia. It is sweet and surprisingly good.  

It is shipped from Australia so it took almost a month but well worth the wait. I used a little unsweetened vanilla  cashew almond milk and water. Du Chocolat  mixes way better than Swiss Miss and doesn’t leave lumps of cocoa  you have to swallow or spoon out. This will be added to my sickness kit with tea, lemon, and honey. I recommend Du Chocolat as an occasional  treat or when you are sick.  You don’t need to add any sweetners because it is sweet on its own.

 I need to find more things to eat and drink when I’m sick.  What are some of your go to foods when you are sick? 

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