On Saturday,  I went to a women’s  brunch and had the best time and the best omelette ever! My omelette had onions, mushrooms, jalapeños, mixed peppers, and spinach. Shout out to the Iron Cactus in Dallas brunch was amazing and I would battle parking again.  I’m no iron chef or genius, and never thought to shred or chop my spinach. It made the spinach less overbearing in the omelette . 

So, you know I had to try to make my own and went to the grocery store to get the ingredients. I was on the phone catching  up with a friend and she suggested I come over and she would make me an omelette. I  won double  over the weekend. 

I’m on a omelette kick and attempted to make my own for breakfast yesterday  and today. I must say it tasted good, but didn’t turn out like the restaurant or my friends.

 I wasn’t able to finish my omelette at home so I took it in a container to work and finished it at work with veggie sausage. I felt full for a lot longer or maybe just really satisfied.

Doesn’t look like much but tasted awesome 

You can use any veggies you want and add avocados and salsa. I even diced a little jalapeno in mine.The possibilities are endless.  

 I  prepped enough veggies for 3 days and  will continue to enjoy my newly rediscovered breakfast staple.

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