Home for the Holidays 

I love the temperature in Michigan compared to Texas right now. It really feels and looks like fall. The foliage changing color, trees bare, and I can wear my winter jacket. The rain and mist  can go away though.

I love most of all that I get to see my family. I’m really blessed to have my parents and siblings. We get to reminisce, indulge in food I only get once a year, and the things I miss most about the Midwest. 

My wonderful parents had all of my favorite things waiting for me. One aunt made skillet cookies and another made banana bread.  The first thing I indulged in was apple cider, I’ve tried other ciders, but nothing compares to Michigan cider. The taste is just the right combination of sweet and tangy. 

Also, I got to eat one of my favorite granola bars and gave the rest to my nieces and nephews. I don’t want to go crazy. I can’t find these flavors in Texas  so it was a real treat to have. They both have a really good flavor and are under 130 calories .

In addition, to family and food there is nothing like a warm fire on a cold night. I get to rest and be present in these precious moments. I get to exercise and  not have to rush to work.  My brother took me as his guest to his gym and it is a pretty awesome local gym. Vacation is not a vacation from exercise. I’m still exercising even on Thanksgiving.

I’m feeling blessed,relaxed, and thankful. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed time with your family . 

Happy  Thanksgiving!

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