Octopus with Fried Rice

I don’t venture out of my comfort zone  when it comes to food much. My mind won’t let me be too adventurous. I won’t even eat beef and the only pork I will eat unfortunately, sometimes is bacon.   However, my little sister does quite often, and she loves Asian food. She made octopus and I was curious and had to try it. 

The store seaoned it for her and she fried it.  So, I  put on my big girl pants and gave it a try.  The thought was worse than the taste. The octopus tasted amazing, but I  couldn’t mentally  get pass the texture and the thought this is an octopus . 

I felt like I was chewing forever and had to force myself to swallow it.  It shouldn’t have been weird but it was. The flavor was really amazing, but the thought was too much for me .  

You should  try octopus if you are adventurous  and can look past what you are eating, it had very  good  flavor. 

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