Thanksgiving is Over But…

So, Thanksgiving is over, but it is still kicking my butt. My body is like I’ll show you what happens when you add butter and brown sugar to sweet potatoes and consume them. Oh,  you want want a doughnut  you can’t get anywere else except Michigan . Sure,  stay up late, don’t get enough sleep, fly to colder weather, and eat even little portions of yummy unhealthy foods.  Go for it my mind said you’re as young as you think you are.  

Mind you were wrong, I’m not a teenager anymore. Thanksgiving is over but I’m still feeling the effects plus Michigan loss to Ohio State added more stress.  The good news is I exercised everyday on vacation  and didn’t gain any weight. However, I’m tired and need to detox, rest, and prepare for work tomorrow.

I  decided to step up my antioxidants game, incorporating more green teas, water, berries, cucumbers with vinegar, lemons, spinach, and other foods to stay ahead of my tiredness, sniffles, sugar, and carb withdrawal . 

My meal  prep will be very basic and full of antioxidants.  I’m  interested to see what everyone does to get over Thanksgiving hangover or any vacation, please share your tips.  

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