Tator Tots Review

I  confess they’re veggie tots, but still  very delicious.  You can make these from scratch if you have the time. There are recipes are all over the Internet on making veggie tots and it might save you  on the sodium end. Now on to the logistics of these yummy veggie tots.

  • These run about $4 at Kroger or Walmart.
  • I’ve only seen them in the broccoli and cheese or cauliflower flavor .
  • The flavor reminds me of a tater tot casserole.
  • The flavor is such that you don’t need any additional seasoning or ketchup.
  • The consistency is not as crisp as regular tater tots.
  • You can have 6 veggie tots for about a 110 or 130 calories.

The rest of the macros and information can be found  in the picture below . 

I would definitely recommend eating these with any type of burger. My next experiment will be to substitute these in my own version of my mom’s tater tot casserole . I decided to eat mine with a salad and a black bean burger.  You have to give these a try when you’re in a hurry or craving tater tots.  

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