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Hot Chocolate Bar

I always see cool pins on Pinterest and always wanted someone to invite me to a hot chocolate bar. In my mind, I envisioned  this would be perfect for a girls night in on  a cold day.

It actually has been colder in Texas and is the season for sweet treats which really aren’t a temptation around this time for me. However, today at work they had a hot chocolate bar everything looked delicious and was laid out wonderfully. 

I  really wanted to have some hot  chocolate  with the Andes mints and with a candy cane, but reality set in about the calories and that I would be drinking mostly sugar.

Also, my mind created a butterscotch  and a Hershey Kisses version drizzled with extra chocolate. I was really tempted but decided to opt for a healthier version of peppermint hot chocolate.

   I made my Du chocolat added milk and made some peppermint tea. After, the tea was finished I removed the tea bags and combined the tea and the hot chocolate  to achieve  the peppermint  taste. 

I poured the mixture into my Yeti and I  had peppermint cocoa. Which can stay warm for a long time in my Yeti mug. You can also buy sugar-free peppermint mocha creamer if you like to add a little more carbs and a little more sugar to  achieve a peppermint mocha flavor.

Overall, I  was pleased with my peppermint hot chocolate. I wonder if there are healthier hot chocolate bars available with protein cookies, dark chocolate, real mint, low sugar and carb  cocoa .  A girl can dream I guess.

2 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate Bar”

  1. I like the sound of your hot chocolate bar, why don’t you make one? I’m sure people would appreciate something more healthy if it were on offer.


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