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Holiday Tea

I’ve been wanting to go somewhere and have tea for the longest time. I consider myself an avid tea drinker and I can’t find any places that cater to tea drinkers in this area. The few friends I know in Texas aren’t interested in paying $5 for tea let alone $50.

The  Dallas Arboretum has the DeGolyer tea room, and I went with a couple girls  from a meetup group I joined. I really enjoyed myself and touring the 12 days of Christmas.

  The lighting and fireplace in the tea room didn’t make for great pictures, but it gave a cozy feel and had a great ambiance.

We were served three different teas. An earl grey, apple spice, and peach hibiscus tea. My favorite was the apple spice tea. I really enjoyed the flavor and the aroma was very pleasing to my senses . If I had to guess I’d say I had 4 cups of the apple  spice.

Apple Spice tea

They served us three courses and my favorite  course  was the chestnut soup. I  can’t recall ever having chestnut soup, but it was really delicious . It reminded  me of loaded potato soup.

Chestnut Soup with a cheese wafer

The second course was the tea sandwiches and I wasn’t really interested in sandwiches. I  guess it was the bread or the idea of  things  I generally don’t eat. I  know that is a true tea experience  so I  did it. 

Tea sandwiches

I sampled everything but the herbed cream cheese for the second course. I  didn’t finish any of them. They weren’t bad just not worth the carbs for me.  I still had the dessert tray to wrestle with.

I know you only live once , and I confess I’ve never ate a scone before, I  know right. I decided to treat myself to a scone AND a chocolate covered strawberry.

I never knew a scone could taste so good. It had the right balance of apple and was nice and warm. However, I  did well and only had one scone, though I wanted to have another.

Overall, I  would go back next year. It really was a wonderful experience coupled with great tea and people.

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