Holiday Confessions 

Thanksgiving and Christmas are over, but I’ve got some confessions and thoughts to get out before the New Year.

The holiday season is coming to an end, and what better way to end it with some confession and thoughts. No, I’m not the Grinch, but I had some moments. Here are my top 10 confessions of the holiday season. The good, bad, and ugly times of this holiday season.  

  1. December, Christmas vacation was a struggle because…
I wanted to shop for myself, so many deals!

The struggle was real shopping for others, and I failed numerous times, bought myself way too much stuff. I  wonder if that’s why the boots I ordered online didn’t work out.

  1. Craft Fail
Graham cracker gingerbread house

I’m not crafty at all and I should have just bought the boxed gingerbread house from Walmart. I gave myself some points for not trying to make gingerbread  from scratch. Oh, well there is always next year.

  1. Doctor Who
I’ve been to the doctor twice over break🙁

Doctor  who, doctor what! My follow-up appointments and the anticipation of the results is an awful way to spend my break. I know you can relate scheduling  doctor appointments over Christmas  break.  Yes, I’d love nothing more than to spend my time at the doctors, not!

  1. I’m sorry for…

Christmas seems to bring out the insincere apologies from people.  They communicate they are sorry, but never say what for. I don’t have the energy to communicate what sorry truly is. Not today Satan, not today!

  1. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

I’m not sure how long I can keep my tree up.  I  really  don’t  feel like taking it down. Hey, maybe it can become a Valentine’s day tree.

  1.  Surviving the holidays single, single bells…

The holidays can mess with your head when you are flying solo. No family Christmas cards or relationship goals to update online.  However, December 31st always makes me feel better about being single.

  1. Music makes the world go round

Music makes the world go round or drives you insane.They are still playing Christmas songs and movies.  Can we get back to our regularly scheduled programs soon?

  1. It’s Over Now…

The feeling that vacation  is almost over.

  1. No…

No, I  don’t want to build a snowman, go to your party, make cookies, or go outside. I just want to stay inside and do nothing. Also, please don’t schedule things for me to do on my days off.

  1. Christmas Cards

I don’t need the Whisper  app to confess, I  mailed my Christmas cards out on Christmas eve. The mailbox and I find it  hard to meet.  Hopefully, my family and friends know me by now.

If I’m blessed to see another Christmas, I’ll  leave Ms. Grinch in 2016.  She clearly or rather I didn’t feel so festive  this year.  Do have a holiday confession?

2 thoughts on “Holiday Confessions ”

  1. Oh My, you sound like me. I am so pleased that the ‘festivities’ are over. I went to the hairdressers today and they were playing Christmas carols – WT? I really had a giggle at this post, so thank you so much. I will be taking the trees down this weekend and everything else too.

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