10 Tips To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution


Chances are you made resolutions for 2016 and prior, and haven’t kept them. I can go back pretty far and tally years of lost resolutions and time. Why is it that, so many people fail to achieve their resolutions and don’t stick to them?  I’ve learned that a new day, month, or year won’t help you stick to something, as a I heard somewhere a goal without a plan is a wish. Experts believe it takes 21 days to form a habit and 6 months for it to become a part of you.

I speak for myself as well, because I want 2017 to be my year. I want to take the jump and leap of faith in to my goals. It is very easy to get lost in the hustle and issues of life. I’m learning you don’t have to have everything figured out, but you have to come up with a plan and take some action steps to pursue your resolutions. The mind is a powerful tool and habits are easy to make, but very hard to break. How do you start the new year off right?   Here are 10 tips to keep your resolutions strong long after the confetti, feelings, and fireworks end.

1. Unplug, World Off! 

Before you can effectively set a resolution you need time to reflect and think about what you want without the distraction of the inside and outside world. The surest way to not keep a goal is if the goal isn’t made with thought and care. I make or buy my own journals, light candles, have tea, turn off all electronics, sit in my chair feet up, and reflect on areas of my life I want to improve.  The time to invest is now,  buy a cheap notebook , and write down what you want for the New Year of You. Unplug, turn the world off and be a goal getter.

2. Set a Few Realistic Goals

Anything is possible, but winning the lottery and becoming an astronaut sent to Mars all in one year is pretty far fetched and unrealistic. Also,  making too many goals is a guaranteed way to set yourself up for failure.

3. Make an attainable plan

You will need a plan to achieve your goals, dividing them  in categories of health, wealth, mind, body, soul, or any category you choose is the best way to start your plan. A plan should be made keeping in mind your situation and using your current resources.

4. Be flexible, some 2016 unavoidable situations will continue in 2017

I think this is one of the hardest pill to swallow, and its hard to comprehend that certain issues will follow you into the new year. Especially, if they are health related, as I type I have a follow-up appointment at the beginning of February 2017. I’m really bummed, but trying to be positive and not let this affect my plans. You might have health, family, and maybe money issues  that will follow you in the new year. Be flexible allow yourself time to recover, and understand you may not hit the ground running, but walking.

5.  Measure Your Progress

Schedule time by yourself to determine if you are on track to meet your goals. Technology is a great way to set reminders and keep on track.  Review your goals weekly, and let nothing except illness, injury, or death break that appointment with yourself.  Also, remember to take record and account of your starting point. This way you will be able to accurately measure your actual progress.

6.  Be Visual and Verbal

Create a vision board, use sticky notes, and always talk to yourself in a positive manner. I recommend attending or hosting a vision board party. You have to see and say it to keep it  fresh in your mind.

7. Learn

I believe it is always best to learn from others to avoid costly mistakes.  You can use books or the internet to learn tips to from successful people on the same path. One must feed their mind and soul daily with positive thoughts.

8.  Find an accountability partner

You can’t share your dreams with just anyone, find a trusted partner to hold each other accountable. Your partner and you should schedule 3, 6, 9, and 12 month dates to review progress and problem solve.

9.  Don’t be so hard on yourself

The top resolutions are to lose weight or to stop smoking. You may set a goal to lose 5 pounds and lose only 3. Don’t be so hard on yourself and celebrate changes big and small.  Heck, you might work out and not lose a single  pound, don’t quit.

10. Change your plan, not your goal

Never give up on your goals,  just adjust the plans you made to get there.  The best laid plans can’t compete with unexpected events. The road you take might not be the one you are meant to be on, adjust accordingly.


Remember, dreams don’t work unless you do!



Happy New Year!


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