Waste Not, Want Not!

I will not be wasteful, and throw away uneaten food.  Sundays are my meal prep days,but I found myself about to throw out food I didn’t get to eat. I know in theory freezing extra food is beneficial.  However, I  freeze it and rarely eat it, because I forget about it.

This problem has plagued  me all my life. I  would go to buffets and basically waste money.  On Thanksgiving my eyes were always bigger than my stomach. My mom would watch me to make sure I didn’t throw away good food. I’ve been called a cheap date and wasteful. I  spend too much on groceries and still waste a lot if it. 

In my endeavor to save money on food and not be wasteful, I  made lettuce wraps for dinner out of vegetables and extra meat leftover from Saturday. I  paired it with an apple thats been hanging out with me a while. 

I  must say it was really good, and I need to come up with a system to remember the food I freeze, so I  won’t rebuy or find it when I  clean out the freezer. If anyone  has  a system please let me know. 

2 thoughts on “Waste Not, Want Not!”

  1. Your meal looked great. I don’t really have a system for you to remember what you have frozen except for perhaps a note on your calendar (get a big one and have it somewhere in the kitchen). Just jot down what you have in the freezer for your evening meal, or lunch. Good luck.


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