The Simple Things

Today started off like any other day, except I woke up on the darker side of a blue mood. My name should have been Judy Moody this morning.  I don’t know why I just woke up feeling blah. I am always grateful and blessed to wake-up. However, I just wasn’t in a cheerful mood. 

I made it to the gym worked out as usual, but my mind and muscle connection failed to connect. It seemed like a good 7 minutes past, and I just sat on a Bosu ball on the basketball court, not working out. 

However, I couldn’t stay in that place , so I  decided to get myself together. Do you know how many people would love to have my bad day, or even the ability to exercise. I thought back to the summer , and how I couldn’t exercise. The motivation to get myself together and find joy in the simplest things today began. 

 I have a job, food, shelter, and people who love me. My health for the most part is steady and the hope of the rest of the day bringing forth new possibilities. 

 I made tea and listened to instrumental praise music on Pandora before I  had to start working. Those tenminutes before I started my work grind made all the difference in the world. My mood began to transform instantly. 

 Lunch my second favorite meal of the day was the pretty amazing, strawberries and chicken tacos to nourish my mind and body. Also, lunch made me feel even better. The best of this beautiful day was still happening. 

Simple things, I’m a Midwestern girl who misses the simple things like the foliage changing colors, snow, and apple cider. Texas is usually devoid of snow.  Luckily, today it began to flurry outside. I  was reminded  again of the joy in the simplest things. 

We all have those days we just wake up on the wrong side of our mind , but we should press on and endeavor to find joy in the simple things. 

Here are some tips to kick Moody to the curve. 

  1. Pray or meditate 
  2. Encourage yourself through inspirational music 
  3.  Invest in 5-10 minutes before you start working to breathe 
  4. Drink warm tea 
  5. Practice gratitude and remind yourself of all the things you have to be thankful for
  6. Read a couple pages of a book
  7. Connect with nature or look out at nature
  8. Avoid mood killing people and places
  9. Avoid foods that aren’t healthy 
  10. Remember, enjoy all the simple things you love 

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