Happy  Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone has an awesome day filled with love. You are loved even if you don’t know or believe it. Some people feel being single is the worst on  Valentine’s day; but truly it isn’t. 

I’ve been on both sides of the fence I feel being in a relationship  or marriage; that makes you feel not loved 364 days of the year is worse than one day of  being reminded  you’re single.

You won’t get flowers, balloons, or chocolates  one day out the year, its okay.  The end of the world is not here. You still are special; and this is a day to give love and love yourself. 

I felt compelled to write  this because; most of my single friends hate this day with a passion.  My friends in relationships  complain they feel loved today; but the next day not really so much. Love doesn’t  come from a specific day. Love is unconditional and begins from within you.

If you are blessed with someone make sure they know you love them everyday.  However; if you are single love yourself and remember a day doesn’t  define you.

Laina Larisse

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