Tips For Staying Healthy  on Vacation 

It’s one of my favorite times of the year, a vacation to get my mind, body, and soul back on track. My vacation couldn’t come fast enough, but I’m sure you can relate to how I felt. How do you continue  your healthy lifestyle days or weeks away from home? The answer is quite  simple…


You have to make a plan! I knew I was driving, so I could bring more of my supplements and my protein powders with me, but this still can work if you fly too. 

Here are some helpful tips for your next adventure .

  • Keep Moving 

 I looked up my gym before coming and mapped it from my friend’s place.  However, friend number two’s  home didn’t have a 24 hour fitness. So, what happens when your local gym isn’t there? Well, I got a guest pass for free for 3 days to try the gym out in her city.  Guest passes are a wonderful idea for a day or two. Also, you can do a home workout or go walking.  Just keep moving in my Nemo voice.

  • Plan To Have an Alternative Meal

  An alternative meal is something  you normally  don’t eat, but less unhealthy. I allowed  myself to have some jollof rice, because my friend has the best jollof rice. Sharing a meal and a custom with  friends is sometimes more important.I didn’t  over do it, but us sharing that meal was very special. 

  • Plan Your Meals

The second part is know the restaurant  menu with nutritional  information,  and if possible buy a little groceries to keep you eating healthy. I was fortunate to be able to have one friend who eats healthy, so her place wasn’t  an issue. My other friend is the opposite I’d  starve to death so, I packed nuts, oatmeal, protein shakes and will be picking a few grocery items. You can make 

I thought this was cute! Calories do count!
  • Stay hydrated 

I don’t mean margaritas and beer. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

  • Rest

I’ve been forced to listen to my body, and it told me to rest. I was falling asleep on my friends couch and she told me to just rest. On vacation you may make plans to go, go, go, and keep going! Your body may have other plans, make sure you rest and take time to sleep.

  • Supplements  

Remember to take your vitamins! Traveling can take a toll on your immune  system.

Remember to plan, have fun, and enjoy your vacation!

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