2 Ways to Save Money When Meal Prepping 

The days are starting to feel shorter and shorter, as we enter into fall.  The sun setting at almost nine, is becoming a distant memory.  Darkness creeps in earlier and earlier, making me feel lazy. I don’t know about you, but I feel like wearing sweatpants and hibernating like a bear.

So, I have to challenge myself to find ways to preserve daylight hours , by being more efficient.  My clothes are picked out for the week, meal prepping on Sundays, and attempting to leave work before it gets dark.

However, being efficient in the kitchen was costing me a fortune. I’ve been trying to kick this habit lately,  by not shopping for convenience. I recently decided to drastically reduce buying precut chicken, fruits, nuts, and veggies. My pocketbook definitely is noticing that I’m spending less  and getting more servings.

In general, eating healthier can cost considerably more money.  You don’t need to break the bank or lose too much time.

Here 2 are some useful tips, tools, and gadgets to help you save money and time.

Tip #1 Spend Now, Save Later! (Upfront Cost)

    • Buy containers to store your food.

      7 servings vs. 12 servings

I was able to get five more servings of almonds, when I made my own hundred calorie pack.

Tip #2 Some Gadgets are worth the money!

  • Invest in an apple slicer, food processor, potato peeler, mandolin, or a chopper.     ( second hand stores are great for finding these items, bleach/wash and there like new.)

Saving money and eating better is now at your finger tip in two easy steps.  I hope you find these tips helpful,  please leave a comment if you have any tips you use.  Don’t forget to subscribe, until next time.

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