Why Didn’t I think of This Sooner?

Have you wondered how you wind up with more disposable lids left and no cups?  Well, me too! I’m sure it’s because I use more cups than lids or maybe they run away with the socks in my dryer. 

I noticed that I wouldn’t have any disposable cups left in the morning to take on the go, so I decided to invest in a travel mug. However, one day I couldn’t find the lid to my travel mug and decided to try a disposable Dixie lid and it fit.

My gosh! Why didn’t I think of this sooner? I usually waste money by tossing out the extra lids, but now I’m going to keep them and use them with my travel mug. It may not work on all lids, but it definitely works on lids shaped like this so think next time before you toss out those extra lids and waste money. Until next time, be positive and remember,  you have Won life,  leave the Sure!

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