Another Year Over


There is a line in the song Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by John Lennon that has been ringing in my mind as I reflect on the end of the year. I keep hearing “so this is Christmas and what have you done.” I keep asking myself what have I done? What have I accomplished?  As 2017 comes to a close in less than 48 hours, I find myself wondering how can I make 2018 better for ME.   I’m not selfish by any means, but I know 365 days have passed , yet I have not truly did all the things I planned. I haven’t lived up to my full potential.  Life, illness, and problems have all gotten in the way. I thought these thoughts on New Years Eve and I was sure if I should post them, but I decided to go ahead and hit submit today.

I’m sure like me, you made plans, but this funny thing called life gets in the way. You find yourself stuck in the same cycle of goal setting followed by failure. I’ve come to the realization that facing yourself and reality is the best way to make changes. I’ve come up with 15 essential questions to ask,  continuously in the New Year. Happy Reflecting!

  1. Did I give 100% to my goals?
  2. What went well?
  3. What’s in my control, that I can do change?
  4.  How will I navigate uncertainty and things beyond my control?
  5. What habits or people need to go now?
  6. What are some things I need to ask for help with to accomplish?
  7. Is everything I done this year in alignment with my beliefs, goals, and dreams?
  8. What activities or people caused you to lose sight of your dreams?
  9. Did I like who I was for the most part?
  10. Who have I hurt and need to apologize to? (including me)
  11. What plan have I come up with to not repeat my past mistakes?
  12. How have I contributed to the betterment of mankind?
  13. Have I been a loving wife, mother, girlfriend, sister, friend, or cousin?
  14.  If I knew I would die tomorrow, would I do differently in the next 24 hours?
  15. Have I truly looked myself in the mirror and faced myself?

Remember, to breathe, take it one day at a time, you are loved, and never give up!  Happy New Year!                                                




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