50/50 Meal Prep Split


Do you want to eat right without sacrificing flavor and time?  Are you tired of spending countless hours in the kitchen and wasting money on food you never eat? Well, I’ve found the perfect, affordable, flavorful, and economical approach.   I do something that I like to call a 50/50 meal prep split, so you may be thinking what is that?

It’s exactly what it sounds like, I cook 50% of my lunch and dinner meals and let someone else do the rest.  Basically I meal prep every other week now.  I’ve never had a problem preparing my breakfast and snacks, but lunch and dinner proved time-consuming, plus I would prep the same thing over and over.  I seldom found the time to make the food on my Pinterest board a reality and if I did I spent way too much and let the food go to waste out of prep frustration.

A useful tip most meal prep gurus stick by, is not prepping all new recipes.  However, variety really is the spice of life and an important key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  We no longer have to be a slave to chicken breast, broccoli, and baked sweet potatoes. I am not saying get rid of this staple, it is easy to make and very satisfying. However, I don’t want to eat it every day or week for that matter.

I used to think paying someone to meal prep for me was too expensive, when I could do it myself. However, I’ve found a wonderful lady who preps for me every other week.  She prepares 10 healthy, fresh, and clean eating meals for me every other weekend.  I get 10 meals for $70, which equates to $7 a meal, cheaper than eating out, and a savior to my waist.  I was spending way over $400 easily on groceries.   My grocery bill has decreased significantly, food isn’t wasted, and I am saving time.  I spend less time going to multiple stores scouring for savings.

This service has been a God send because not only does it save time, but it lets me try a variety of foods. The meals are creative and extend beyond my traditional meal prep knowledge. An added bonus is I don’t have to make trips to multiple grocery stores, measure, or count calories, its done for me!

I used to think meal prepping was super expensive, some people charge over $100-$200 a week.  But now I know it is affordable and the food doesn’t have to be bland. If you are struggling with preparing healthy flavorful meals, and want to save money. follow my tips below on saving money on meal prep services.


  Tips for Saving on Meal Prep Services

  1. Research local meal prep services in your area  (People locally may offer lower prices plus a bonus is the ingredients will be fresher)
  2. Split the cost with a friend, family member, or co-worker
  3. Do every other weekend
  4. Listen to word of mouth (People looking to build up their clients will be more reasonable)

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