My Thoughts on the Keurig Machine


Have you ever wanted something so bad, but when you finally got it you were indifferent? If you are anything like me you just had to have a Keurig machine. You know that wonderful machine that makes coffee quicker than a kettle, but hits you in the pocket because the cups are ridiculously priced. Well, my boyfriend bought me one and I was ecstatic to try it.   I am aware, that I am late to the Keurig party.  I’ve owned my mine for about 6 months and only decided to get one after visiting a friend.

I wanted to write a honest review, so others will know what to expect if they are considering investing in one. They really are trendy little machines. However, I’ve noticed that K-Cups or pods can set you back an average of $10 for about 12 pods. You may be thinking that less than a $1, but if you drink 2 cups and have others that drink coffee, well you tend to run out of cups relatively quickly. The cost can trickle up to $40 or more on coffee a month. That amount doesn’t include stevia or creamer.

I noticed my list of cons are more significant than the pros of owning one. Don’t get me wrong its trendy and heats up quicker than a kettle, but I still find myself using my kettle or the microwave to reheat my coffee or tea.  The electric kettle that cost me $15  heats up hotter and I seldomly have to reheat my tea or hot chocolate after adding anything to it.

I decided to compile a list of pros, cons, and tips on owing a Keurig machine below, in the event you own or really want one.  


  1.  I can put a pod in the night before and hit press in the morning
  2.  If you are a coffee drinker, unique flavors are available
  3. You can still make tea, by placing a tea bag in your cup or purchasing tea pods


  1. The water doesn’t heat up as hot as a electric or stove top kettle
  2. The price of the cups are a little ridiculous
  3.  I can’t find a wide assortment of tea K-Cups
  4. Another con is, I like my coffee and sometimes my tea with sugar-free creamer or unsweetened vanilla almond cashew milk, so because of this I have to frequently reheat my coffee or tea in the microwave.

Tips on Owning a Keurig Machine Like a Pro

  1.  Remember to clean your machine every couple of months with vinegar, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria
  2. Invest in disposable coffee cups like the ones in the picture below or a reusable one
  3. Buy ground coffee to use with the disposable coffee pods
  4. Alternate between tap and filtered water, it cuts down on hard water stains.
  5. Use tea bags
  6. Buy store brand K-cups to bring down your cost
  7. Alternate between mugs and disposable cups (make it easy to grab on the go) 


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