Wrap On With Your Bad Self

Do you find yourself buying a particular ingredient for a recipe and struggling to use it again? Do you end up wasting the rest of the product because you don’t know what to do with it? Well, I’ve been using wrappers when I meal prep lately, because of their versatility. I love trying different cuisines from around the world, but still want to eat healthy.  Potsticker and wonton wrappers really are multi-purpose and useful. I’ve been using them to make mini taco shells, wontons, egg rolls, and chicken potstickers.

They are inexpensive and not to horrible in the calorie department, when compared to a flour or hard tortilla shells. They are made with enriched wheat flour, so use them in moderation.  Today, I used them with my taco salad and made egg rolls for my cauliflower shrimp fried rice. You can freeze the egg rolls for use later, but I don’t recommend freezing the cups for tacos.  Also, I recommend eating them within a couple of days or storing them in an airtight container, so they won’t lose as much crunch and appear stale.

A useful tip is to use nonstick foil to spray the wrappers on. This crucial step allows you to use the foil for spraying and baking the egg rolls or potsickers on. Wrappers really are versatile and offer a treat if you are in the mood for Mexican or Chinese style cuisine. They are a great way to spice up your meal prep, easy to prepare, and require a minimum time commitment.

The wrappers can be stuffed with cabbage, chicken or, any other veggies you like. Remember, not to overfill , as they can tear apart easily. Below you will find a simple recipe for making cups in the oven. I use the same method to make egg rolls, except I bake them in a regular pan and cook a little longer.  I recommend giving wrappers a try the next time you make out your grocery list.


How to turn Wonton or Potsticker Wrappers into Cups using the Oven

You will need a muffin pan, olive oil spray, and wrappers.

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and begin prepping your wrappers
  2. Lightly coat both sides of the wrappers with spray
  3.  Gently put the wrapper in the muffin pan
  4. Bake the empty wrappers for 4-5 minutes or until corners turn a light brown (Watch them because they burn easily)

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