How to Spruce up Your Water

The weather in Texas for the month of May has been in the 90’s and staying there. Extreme heat can wreak havoc on your body, cause heat strokes , loss of essential electrolytes through sweat, so it’s crucial to stay hydrated.

I drink my fair share of water, but sometimes would like to spruce it up, without adding too much sugar. My body craves more than water.

Every summer I use my personal favorite item. A water bottle with a diffuser. You can easily get one from Amazon for about $13. The diffuser holds a variety of fruits and vegetables.

I like to add lemons, melons, cucumbers, strawberries, and blueberries to my water. You can use any fruit to suit to your taste.

I find it helps start my mornings. I’ll have green tea with lemon, followed by water with cucumber and lemon. It really helps me feel refreshed and healthier after my morning workout.

I recommend buying a water bottle diffuser, adding your favorite vegetables, and fruits to beat the summer heat.

Stay hydrated,

Laina Larisse

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