Here Today, Gone Tomorrow


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Do you know how long it has been since you talked talked to them? Or told them you loved them? You know who I am talking about, you’ve been meaning to call  and visit them, but life gets in the way, or they got on your nerves and you aren’t taking their calls.  That person can be your mom, dad, sibling, or a friend. I beg you to call that person because you never known when you call and get a no longer in service signal.

K  I’ll call her was a dear friend, I knew her from college, and we would check in with each other 3-4 times a year.  Our friendship wasn’t one that required us to speak frequently.  We would catch up on how each other were doing, and reminded each other to stay prayerful.  She had a positive disposition, never complained, or let you know life was hard.  I spoke to her last year around Christmas, and she never once let on that she was fighting a battle that took he life in February of this year.  Around March, I called her cell and got the number or code you have dialed is no longer in service, so   I assumed she changed her number. I got busy with life and tried again in May, and June. Finally, in July I decided to use Google to get her address to send her a letter. I wanted to make sure she was okay, and wish her well.  I now know the importance of why my mom still keeps an address book, so you will always keep have people’s address.

However,  to my dismay her obituary popped up, and I  was shocked to learn she died.   I had no idea she was even sick, and didn’t be to attend her funeral.  She never once let on, she was sick let alone dying. I know some up you may say, well, you weren’t that close  or she would have told you. No, there are rare people that come into your life, and they never murmur or complain. You never know what that smile or keeping on statement really means. They never share their struggles. We are used to people who continually have complaints and negativity on their lips.

I need to know if it was an accident, so I reached out to someone from college to figure out what happened who still lives in town. He told me had to inquire too, because she didn’t talk about it, but she had cancer, and continued working weeks prior to her death.  K, was always at  work, her mom’s house, or spending time  with her husband and son.  I will miss K, and our quarterly conversations. She was inspirational, loved God, and will be missed.

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We all could be one breath away from being here today and gone tomorrow.   Always, always,  make an effort to visit, call, or send a letter to that person. You never know when the last time might be the last time.


Be Blessed,

Laina Larisse

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