DIY Fall Tank

September 22nd  marks the official arrival of fall also known as autumn. I love summer don’t get me wrong, but this heat has me longing for cooler temperatures. My mind has started dreaming of pumpkin spice, leaves, and cooler temperatures. I love customizing and simplifying my life. I’m going to tell you how you can create an easy beginners Fall tank for under $10.00.  

Some Beginner Knowledge of Cricut is essential.


The change in season also, brings savings to your wallet on many great items. These items can be used immediately or saved for later usage.  For example, I got great quality tanks for a $1.00 and used them make custom tanks for the gym and lounging around. Also, if you make a mistake you are wasting a buck compared to over $8 or more per tank.

$Tip: Stock up on summer apparel  and necessary DIY items

  No one cares if the fourth of July is over, you can wear red around Labor day, Valentine’s day & Christmas. Also, works the same way for blue, green, and white, so buy those markdown tanks and tees!

      1. I used a Cricut, Cricut press, and iron on vinyl, but if you don’t have all that a great alternate would be to buy Avery dark fabric iron sheets .  You can get them at Walmart, Target or Amazon.
      1. http://a.co/d/gPRhcNv

Avery Dark T-shirt Transfers for Inkjet Printers 3279, 8-1/2 inch x 11 inch, Pack of 5 Sheets, Multicolor

Cricut Style: Must have some knowledge of Cricut & Cricut access 

Remember to select mirroring for iron-on vinyl


  1. Black tank
  2. Iron or Cricut press
  3. Cricut
  4. Computer with Cricut software (Go to Cricut access and select image, then type the word fall, and search for the fall with the leaf design. Resize it to your choice.
  5. Iron-on Vinyl (color of your choice)
  6. Wax Paper
  7. Iron board or heat resistant pad
  8. Cricut Mat
  9. Weeder

Avery Style: You will go online to Avery and follow the template steps for the tranfer sheets.

  1. Computer & Printer
  2. Iron
  3. Hard service
  4. Avery transfer sheets



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