Makeover Mondays- Speciality Coffee Container

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you hate the packages that some of the ground coffee comes in?  On occasion I will drink coffee, but mostly keep it on hand for company.  My favorite seasonal coffee flavor is pumpkin spice.  Whenever I find a flavor I like I grab it, and keep it on hand. I found this at Tuesday Morning, and just had to try it.  I’m sure speciality stores like Marshall, TjMaxx, and Ross are putting out  seasonal flavors too.  I have a Keurig, so ground coffee packages like this are my go to choice. However, I find these difficult to store and access the coffee when I need it.

pumpkin pic


Reuse and makeover an old coffee container to put your new coffee inside.  Also,  I keep either a broke spoon or old tablespoon inside of the container.  I just remove the label, but you can add your own removable label, so you will alway know the type of coffee you are drinking.



Enjoy a good cup of brew as the season changes.

Laina Larisse

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