Losing Weight and Keeping it OFF

/If you are reading this you are not alone in your desire to lose weight. Please know you can lose and keep the weight off.  You might have lost the weight and gained it back. I understand how it feels to wake up one day and the weight seems to have magically appeared out of no where. The little signs, your pants getting tighter, and you buying bigger sizes aren’t enough to motivate you for the FINAL change in your journey to weight loss. You wake up and your 30 pounds heavier and think how did I get here? The how you got here is very important and isn’t often  as simple as eating too much and exercising too little. There usually is a reason, no time, emotional eating, and many other factors, but if you are ready to take the steps necessary for weight loss keep reading.

The most damaging thing is denial or choosing not to deal with losing the weight. My journey started almost 10 years ago, I was in college working out , not eating too bad because I was financially challenged aka a poor college student.  I started gaining weight. I attributed that weight gain to me being in an emotionally abusive marriage.


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My mind believed that my body was stressed with school, and an unhealthy marriage that’s why the weight was just piling on.   I had reached 174 pounds and I’m 5’5″ and I wasn’t okay with that. Also, I started having really bad night sweats, being extremely hot, extreme exhaustion, mental fogginess, and could feel my heart beating too fast. Even when I was working out, I would begin to feel faint, but thought it was because I worked out on an empty stomach. It wasn’t until I graduate college and got medical insurance, that I said “I’m diabetic”, but I was wrong.  I had hyperthyroidism and knew it was something in the endocrine family.  You might be asking doesn’t hyperthyroidism make people lose weight, for most yes! However, I was one of the ones who it made gain weight. I was working full time, and tired, so my eating habits weren’t the best too.

My thyroid was destroyed by taking radioactive iodine, which I regret, but in life sometimes there aren’t any do overs.  I managed to get on the right dosage of medication, and reach my comfortable weight range. A range you say, yes a range, your weight will fluctuate, and it depends on if you are on your cycle, ate, and many other factors. You will not be 130.0 pounds, you will drink, wear heavier clothes, etc. so, I always allow myself a 2 to 3 grace period. Now that I’ve shared my story, I’m going to share what worked for me besides finding my right thyroid hormone range.

Are you ready?  The answer is yes you are! Unfortunately, there aren’t any shortcuts that provide lasting weight loss results. You will need to change your lifestyle. The first thing you must change is your mindset, and immediately eliminate the word diet. No, the word diet wasn’t type wrong, but can’t you see the word die, deprivation,  and torture littered throughout the word.   You are changing your lifestyle, so  this is essential because you won’t use words that make you feel like your depriving yourself.  The Bible speaks of the power of the tongue, so choose your words wisely.

Tips on Losing and Keeping the Weight Off

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Plan, Plan, Plan          

I mean really plan, that means plan what you will eat, wear, and how you will exercise.  This includes vacations, holidays, and weekends. If you know you are going out to a restaurant look at the menu ahead of time. I will sometime bring my own dressing to save calories.  The same goes for vacation, I don’t work out as hard , but I still will walk or do light weights at the hotel gym. You can always pay to visit a local gym too. Make the time!  If it is important to you, you will find a way.

  • Make small changes

Don’t try to overhaul your diet all at once. Eliminating everything all at once will backfire, so start slow. Resolve to eat 3 cookies instead of 6, set an exercising goal of 15 minutes and add minutes on as you go.

  • Prepare meals ahead of time

Make your meals ahead of time for the week. Invest in meal prep containers and a digital scale to help with true proportions. You will be able to control your Macros and that will create calorie deficits, which will result in weight loss

  • Write out your workout ahead of time 

Have a plan, and be very intentional about the areas you want to target. If you are working your back and bicep then write out the exercises that will target all the areas of your back. If you are new to working out, and can’t afford a personal trainer try YouTube.I recommend athletes like Nicole Wilkins, Monica Brant, Erin Stern, Latorya Watts, Jenifer Nicole Lee, and many other women who have years of experience. Also, Oxygen and bodybuilding are great websites to visit to see videos on proper form.

  • Heal mentally

This includes forgiving yourself and only you know what you need to face and deal with.

  • Begin again

Don’t quit, even if you ate horrible for days and missed the gym. Start over!

  • Thou will do further damage

I repeat don’t do further damage, so even if you ate that bag of chips don’t say “oh well” and go and have a whole pizza.

  • Don’t deprive yourself

This may sound crazy, but you have to live just a little. I love pumpkin spice, so I know around this time I will have a latte and a few candy corn M&Ms. I may wind up eating the whole freaking bag. You can help with portion control by keeping food in the freezer. However, if you struggle with will power than eat your serving and throw the rest in the trash or give it away immediately. It’s better to waste money than to derail your progress. Also, you can create a healthier version of your favorite foods. I will be sharing

  • Ladies do Lift

Cardio alone won’t cut it and you won’t look like a man.

  • Write it Down

Write your goals down, so you can track your progress and adjust accordingly.

  • Hydrate

Drink plenty of water, spice it up with melon, cucumbers, and lemon if you can’t stand the taste. Also, begin weeing yourself off the soda the artificial sweetener aren’t good for you.

  • Set small goals and reward

This a big one don’t set yourself up for failure, by saying 60 pounds, so start by saying 3 or 5 lbs. Set mini-goals and once you reach them reward yourself.

  • Plateau, Oh No!

You will hit a weight wall, and your weight loss will stall.  This happens, so don’t get discouraged too much. You will have to switch up your diet and training to trick your body out of that plateau.

Last, I want you to remember that everyone isn’t going to be supportive of your journey. You will have to be aware of doubters, haters, and people who are deliberately going to attempt to sabotage your progress.  This will be very hurtful because it will likely come  from someone you love and care about. A husband, boyfriend, other family member, or friend may be the culprit, but do not veer off the course keep your eyes focused on the finish line, and like Taylor Swift said “shake it off.”


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