Makeover Monday- Creative Ways to Use Your Waffle Maker

I must confess my waffle maker probably gets used maybe 3 times a year.  It used to be one of the gadgets that I owned, and rarely got any use.  Admit it, you have that one thing you bought  because you couldn’t live without it.  That one hit wonder, kitchen gadget that takes up space. You couldn’t live without it and you were going to be Martha Stewart however,  you find it just sits on your shelf year after year taking up space because you make waffles maybe  a couple of times a year.

berries breakfast delicious food


The waffle maker used to be that gadget, but I have been using it consistently for the past week.  I’m late to the party because I saw this tip on Pinterest, and wanted to try it , but only decided to  give it a try after running late one morning.

Your waffle maker is a life saver. Yes, you read that right, this little gadget is very handy. You can use it to make not only waffles, but eggs, hash browns, grilled cheese, and  many other food items.


Here are a list of  the top ten things you can make

  1. eggs or omelettes
  2. tater tots hash browns
  3. Fritters
  4. Waffles
  5. Quesadillas
  6. French Toast
  7. Brownies (batter must me slightly more runnier than usual)
  8. Waffle biscuits
  9. Bacon
  10. Cinnamon roll waffles



So, Dust off that waffle maker and save some time in the morning.

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