UnHalloween Done Right

You might be wondering ,  what is unHalloween? Many people may call it Halloween, Fall Fest, or Harvest Fest. Whatever name you choose ,how do you enjoy this time , stay healthy, and have a good time as an adult?

I used to think that Halloween and certain other holidays were only for kids, but now I’ve come to know that as an adult holidays should be just as important to adults. The meaning behind some of them are very important to observe, appreciate, and celebrate.

We shouldn’t stop living and enjoying things because we grow up or because the state of the chaos happening in life or the world.

I love everything about the fall season.  The changing of the leaves on the trees, planting new goals and crops to grow and spring

I wish I could say I really celebrate Halloween, but I don’t.  I love the feel of the season, and the comfort foods, and the treats. Also, I must confess I love the  thought of carving jack-o-lanterns, wandering through a corn maze, fall festivals,  caramel apples, and the thought of getting dressing up as anything you choose.

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