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Eat Your Veggies

Did you wake up today from your food coma and black Friday shopping and realize you ate and spent too much?

I never go out shopping on Black Friday, but I bought way too much food and it usually goes to waste. Especially, when you blend cultures and you prepare traditional Thanksgiving and ethnic foods.

I found myself with too much vegetables and turkey leftover, so I decided to come up with options for my vegetables. I’ve divided them by meal types with potential ways to use the veggies. I want to eat foods that will fill me up and help me detox and cleanse from all the food, I usually don’t eat all the time.

Vegetables: spinach, celery, onions, mixed peppers, habaneros, mini sweet peppers, and collard greens.


  • veggie omelet
  • Green smoothie with the spinach and collard greens


  • mini sweet peppers with cottage cheese
  • Celery solo or with peanut butter

Lunch or dinner:

  • Turkey soup
  • Turkey enchiladas with mixed peppers
  • Turkey spaghetti

Please leave a comment on what you do with your leftovers, I’d love to learn from you.

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