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5 Tips To Eat Better


Do you wish you had a personal chef or could afford to have someone prepare of all of your meals?  Life would be a lot simpler if you didn’t have measure, prepare, and plan your meals.  A girls gotta live, work, maybe even take the kids to games, or in general just keep up with the demands of life. However, if you aren’t a celebrity and you don’t have access to a chef, all hope is not lost.

Living and following a healthy lifestyle can be one of the hardest parts of getting healthier and fitter.  However, food is the most important component of living a healthy lifestyle.   Food can have a beneficial or adverse effect on your body. You can have a sensitivity to a particular food and that can impact the way you feel.  The food you place in your body is important not only for weight loss, but for maintaining your health and energy.

Macros, counting calories, dieting, preparing, and weighing your food can be a daunting task whether you’re a newbie or a pro.  My needs aren’t your dietary needs and I can’t stand eating the same things over and over.

Fret not, start small! Follow these 5 easy tips to eat healthier and get more energy!


 1. Don’t Eliminate Everything at Once

Yeah, well just don’t!  You will set your self up for failure if you try to go low carb, no sugar, no meat, or no diary all at once or for a long period of time. The goal is to create a healthy lifestyle you can maintain.  That may be a great way to jump start your journey but it isn’t sustainable.  The best way is to start slowly and eliminate or phase out certain foods gradually. For example, if you drink 5 diet cokes a day limit yourself to 3 and keep going down every couple of days or even a weekly.


2. Plan Your Meals

Habits are easy to make and hard to break, so preparing your meals in advance will help you from making unhealthy food choices.  You will know what you are eating and when. Also, it helps to review the menu of well known restaurants, in the event you are traveling or an emergency happens.  I’ve had days my lunch was left right on the counter, so I needed an alternate way to eat healthy. I always have nuts, Greek yogurt, and protein powder on hand, but I like to eat more substance as well, so having a plan is essential.

3. Prepare Your Meals at Home

Preparing your meals at home has money, taste, and waist saving benefits!  You can easily makeover your favorite meals for a fraction of the cost while saving money.  You get to choose what goes in your meal and customize it to your taste.  You can have pizza, spaghetti, and burgers. Preparing your meals at home allows you to use a low carb or cauliflower crust for you pizza, thus you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort foods.


4. Identify Your Triggers

Identify the your triggers immediately? Do you binge eat or reach for a chocolate bar everyday around 3:00? Do you need a comfort meal because you hate your job?  Are you emotionally eating or hungry? Identify your triggers and face those demons, so you can prevent a cycle of unhealthy eating.

5. Listen To Your Body

It is very important to listen to the way a particular food makes you feel! Does your stomach hurt a little when you consume milk or wheat? Does your lips tingle when you eat a banana or a strawberry? You might not be allergic, but might have a sensitivity to certain foods. Also, its important to listen to your body to make sure you are really hungry and just not thirsty.


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